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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eat out or in??

When there is only 2 of you eating, you would consider of take-away instead of cooking a simple meal for 2 persons! I always feel guilty of not cooking for Big J. Being a dutiful wife, I am guilty of not able to cook for my family, but when think of time and effort, I having second thought! Gosh! Now that make me like a lazy person! LOL!
I know it is economical to buy groceries and divide them into 2 or 3 meals. However thinking of cooking small amount for 2 persons, it is not that economical when you think of gas and time! Dont you think so??
We prefer to save time by buying from economy fast food, RM3 - 4 per person. As Little J has taken her dinner at babysitter's house, she seldom eat in the evening when we reach home. So, RM4 per person with 25 days per week, RM200.00 for month. Cheap?? As for weekend, we usually prefer to cook and dine-in! We do miss homecook food!


coolingstar9 said...

It is quite true that cooking for just two person are costly but once for while I think should be ok.
Home cook foods are more healthy.
Have a nice week, see you soon,

mama bok said...

Ya.. cooking for just 2 .. can get more ex.. but we are torn in between being healthy too.

Rose said...

Yes mamabok! Agreed with you on torn between eating healthy and eating outside food! ;p Still the best solution is to run home and "tumpang" some food from parents! Hahahah!