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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little Star Song

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are
One of the few children songs that I am able to master when I was young. As result, I always sing this song to Little J when putting her to sleep when she was a baby. She slept with children lullaby songs played at night. Now that she has grown up, she hardly listen to them anymore.
Just last week, we found out that she is trying to sing the above song to us!! We sing the first row, and she will continue with the second row. She sang better in Chinese than English version though. The English version, I only can catch her saying "how", "wonder" and "are"! LOL! Beside this song, she also loves to sing ABC song, but only from A to G. Lol! Still a lot more to catch up, Little J. :)


Billy's Mom said...

Wow.....she can sing twinkle twinke little star already, such a smart girl. :-))

mama bok said...

Children are so smart these days.. :) Chloe is singing songs from Rhianna .. ;)

Rose said...

Billy's mom and mama bok, yeah, children is getting smarter than us when we were small! Wow! Can sing Rihanna's song? I want to faint! Lol!