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Thursday, February 28, 2008

22 months

Little J is 22 months old today! Meaning 2 more months she will turn 2 years old.
It is also time for her daddy and mummy to decide which playschool to enrol her in. Hopefully with her going to playschool she would be able to build her independence around people and her learning new things.
She is not a shy girl around people, which we are glad for. However she can be over-friendly with people sometimes. LOL! She can say "hi" and wave to strangers when she wants to. There was a time when we went to KK last year, and she waved and said "Hi" to those foreign tourists in the lift! We have a laugh. I remember an ang mo commented on her been "a friendly baby" to us. LOL!

She is about 83cm tall and weighing around 12kg now. She still pretty active and hardly can sit and quiet for a second. I always heard from other mums that once they reach certain age, especially 2 years old and above, children will be more obedient and well-mannered. So, is Little J going to be obedient and listen to what her daddy and mummy said when she is turning 2??
Her 2 years old birthday will fall on a Monday. We havent decide what to do for her birthday yet. Maybe a simple cake with candle on top for her? Or a joint-celebration with her cousin, Chloe who happen to have the same birthday as hers. We see how it goes......

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Billy's Mom said...

I just love Little J beautiful smile. Soooooo lovely!