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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Telepathy breakdown?

Have you ever encountered the time when u expect your other half to understand you better than normal time? Like expecting them to do this, but they didn’t do. Even after hinting to them, they still don’t take the cue. End up, you grumbling and angry with him without him even knowing why you are angry at?? Sound familiar?

I guess, as you have been living together for a while, you are taking your partner for granted. You expecting your other half to have telepathy skill and they will know what you want without you telling them directly in their face. LOL! I found out that this is not so true!

So, to avoid any communication breakdown, always follow the following tips:

Tip #1 : Never expect your partner to (fully) understand what you say. Out for 10 words, they are only able to receive 5 words out from your mouth. So keep remind them from time to time even when they said you are becoming like an old person nagging at a young child.

Tip #2 : No matter how long you have been with that person, everyday is a new day. So expect something new out from that person. He may suddenly not keen into music, but one day, he may knock at your door, saying he enroll in a music class!

Tip #3: Don’t trust your telepathy skill. Say what you want to say, don’t expect he or she to be able to know what you are thinking. Let him stop guessing. He cant read what on your mind, he is not GOD! So, if you want that diamond ring you have been longing for, say it out loud!

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