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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Never-ending Addiction

I have one big couch potato in my house! Big J! He can watch television and totally unaware of surrounding even there is fire or the whole house collapse in front of him! Once he started to watch television, his senses are like totally “shut down” and he would not function well. I have to call his name loud not twice but few times before his brain can decode and respond accordingly. Even he responds, it would be like 1 minute late!!Sigh!

Now he is no longer interested in television show, although once a while, he will lazy in front of it and been couch potato for few hours while having his dinner at home. He is into computer games since his monitor is back from “hospital” few months ago! Gosh! Believe me, he can stick to his computer for whole day, only breaks would be toilet breaks and meal breaks! I am now fighting for his attention with his computer game.

Every night after Little J went to bed or even before Little J dozed off, he will switch on his computer first time once he enters the bedroom! I always against him putting his computer in the bedroom in the first place due to space constraint and bright computer screen, but he never bother with it! How inconsiderate of him, right?? Anyway, once he plays his computer games, he will play till late at night or sometimes early in the morning. Usually I will nag him to go to sleep if I woke up in middle of the night and found him still glueing to his computer!!

Last time, we used to argue about his television habit, but now it would be his computer game addiction! Anyway, I am tired of been his “mother”, nagging him to take his bath, etc, so I just let him does his own way! It would be better having him around in the room playing computer games than spending times and money outside drinking and smoking away! Don’t you agree?


Jen's Place said...

hahaha..considering the alternatives between being a couch/computer potato or a drinker/smoker, I rather have the couch/computer potato anytime. At least he will be round and cuddly! hehehe

Rose said...

Cham! He is getting rounder and rounder! I am getting worry.