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Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the way

Me : Where are you?
Big J : Outside
Me : Are you coming home?
Big J : Yes. On the way, actually
Me : Ok, I wait for you

(Result: Big J reaching home 1 hour later)

Now what is your understand of this phrase “on the way”? Is sitting in the pub stool meaning you on the way out? Is walking out from the toilet and continue drinking, meaning on the way out?

"On the way". It is Big J’s most used phrase since we started dating. I got used to it by now, after many times of been fooled. I have to call him up to remind him on the time when we were dating, and he would say those 3 words and reaching my house 30 minutes or more. Sigh!! Why can’t he be on time or just being truthful? He was just taking his sweet time in the bathroom, dressed up and meddling in front of television before going out from the house.

So guys out there. Just say what you are doing and better still, specify how much time you needed to show your face!! Simple as that, we don’t demand you to be punctual (although I wish I could change Big J’s time management), just don’t lie to your women. You don’t want us to wait for you endlessly, right? And for those impatient girl friends, some day there will be no more waiting, believe me!!

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