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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last Dinner on Year of Pig

Sitting in front of my notebook writing this post, while waiting for my facial mask to dry up and wash it off my face! Just mesmerising the last day of Year of Pig and in anticipation of a New Year in more than an hour time. Hardly can sleep with all those noise outside, people starting to play fireworks. Little J exhausted from shopping (see previous post) and went for reunion dinner

at her grandparents' house!!

We reached there around 430pm. Once reached there, Little J very interested in her grandma's plants especially this lime plant that she kept plucking the fruits from the plant! LOL! Her grandma want to faint seeing her!!

Menu for our reunion dinner is very Hakka-style! All my favourite dishes! *smile* We had shark fin soup, Lo Ark (Hakka braised duck), Braised Pork Leg, Steamed Pomfret, stir fried celery with carrot and Fish Maw soup. There is Ngoh Hiang but mum reserved it for few day into CNY, in case out of food!! LOL.

Check out what Little J doing here? Try to steal one of the Lo Kum (Mandarin Orange). Later she is busy arranging and counting them, and not forgetting messing them around! Poor grandpa and grandma have to clear the mess but they have good laugh at the same time. LOL!

Little J with grandpa in the garden, busy grabbing the pebbles

After dinner, everyone has a relaxing chat outside the house. Everyone started to play fireworks that time (around 530pm). Hardly can see it, wonder why some people cant wait to play it after dawn where you can see the effect of the fireworks in the sky? Waste of money!! Anyway, we did play some fireworks and of course Little J was happy!!

As for the Year of Rat, my family has started to show interest in new hobby! Rearing guinea pigs! Or are they hamsters? I cant never tell the differences but I believe guinea pigs are bigger than hamsters right? 4 big guinea pigs in the family!

Decorations in the house and a picture of me and Little J

Ok, got to go, time to wash my mask off my face!! LOL! So, Rose and family would like to wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and HAVE A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR OF RAT!

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