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Friday, February 15, 2008

How forgetful?

Big J is a big forgetful man I have ever known in my life. He can left his keys in some place and then forget where he put them. He lost his house keys outside before, not once, but few times that I lost count of them. He can even misplace his keys and mobile phone in the house! *Faint*
Even at home, after several reminder on a designated place to put his keys (may it be house keys, car keys, shop keys or drawer keys) he still take my nagging lightly and simply throw them either in living room or on dining table. My Little J used to love to play with keys, and always hide them away. So, one time, Big J took almost 1 hour to search for his car keys in the morning. So, been impatient and already late for work, he will call me up and scolded me for not helping him to keep the keys on his behalf! LOL!
Maybe Big J takes things for granted and lightly, and never bother about those small things. However been his wife, I am getting used to his style by now. I stop nagging him to put this item here and there, etc and instead start to re-arrange his items properly for him. I will place his car and house keys together with his wallet, mobile phone, pack of cigarette and lighter in his computer table's drawer in bedroom. So every morning, he would not rush like mad man hunting for his stuff!

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Jen's Place said...

hhmmm..babe used to be that way when he was here in Kuching but now that he is staying alone and being independent, he is more careful with his stuff. Hopefully he wont revert to his old habit when I am there because I dont have your patients. Sendiri put barang n hilang, sendiri punya pasal bahhhhh..where can call and scold..