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Monday, February 25, 2008

Splashing Away

I brought Little J for an overnight stay at my parents’ house on Saturday night, since Big J is away for the weekend. Little J was not that eager to sleep over as I guess kids at this age are still much attached to their bed and bedroom. It took me almost an hour to pacify her to sleep! LOL!
Thank god I bought her “sleeping pill” along. This pill is not those small pill to assist you in sleeping, okay? And I know it is not good to give to young children some more! ;p What I meant by her sleeping pill is her favourite DVD. Yeah, Alvin and the chipmunks. I brought the DVD along, and it is good thing because she asked for it at night and the next morning! Not to say that I am bluffing, my family finally admitted that she is a one hell of a Chipmunk fan! Woke up at 6am in the morning, she asked her aunty to on the DVD for her! Btw we slept together with my sister. And my poor sister, I guess she hardly have any sleep that night! LOL!

Check out this photograph. No! We are not stealing those water, but the relevant authority came to switch on the water for some checking. This fire hydrant is just located in front of our house. So, we are just helping ourselves to those “free water”. My mum busy filling up the buckets with it, where as Little J didn’t want to stop playing with the water. As for my poor dad, he accompanied her for almost half an hour under the sun!

We have no choice but to trick Little J into the house! Guess what trick were we using? Some more splashing of course! Yes, dad has a bath tub at home so we just let Little J play some more!

Look at her! She was so happy and content playing in the bath tub, enjoying the cool water on a hot sunny day! Hope she doesnt catch any cold from over-playing! LOL!

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Jen's Place said...

Lil J SOOO CUTE!! Can I borrow her and then when she start crying, I give back to u!! hehehehe