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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY Eve shopping

Not many coffee shops and restaurants open on last day of Year of Pig. We spent some time on the road hunting for some decent coffee shop that wouldnt charge double on this day to fill up our stomach. We manage to find one coffee shops that sell nice kolo mee that didnt charge extra, but guess what!! The food is smaller in portion! LOL!
Maybe it is men nature? They tend to like to make final shopping till last minute!! We spent almost 2 hours at The Parkson, The Spring in the morning shopping around for Big J’s new clothes and shoes. He spent few hundreds of ringgit just on his clothes and shoes!! Phew! Men clothes are pretty expensive. Nothing unusual design about men clothings yet they are much more costly than women clothings.

We went to Ta Khiong Supermarket too to do final shopping on food and other items, there along we spent almost RM200! We are broke! So, not much money left for ang pows giveaway! Hahaha!

As for Little J, she was pretty bored at first sitting in her stroller. Kept going in and out from the stroller and I have to chase her around The Parkson while Big J did his shopping! Thank god later I found out that Parkson staff did balloons give-away. That hold Little J’s attention well and from there onward, she quietly and enjoyed her stay in the stroller! *wink*

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