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Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday dinner @ Rock Road Restaurant

We bought a nice hamper from Ee Yan Sang for my parents’ birthday on Saturday evening. Want to guess how much it costs?

Big J also get a nice tea saucer set from Ee Yan Sang for me, a belated Valentine gift, he said! Huh? I didn’t ask for it, he just bought it. My guess is that he is expecting me to brew more tea for him in future and serving using this new set. Btw, he is a tea lover. I don’t think I will use them, shall them for our new house. *wink*

My parents invited us to their birthday dinner at Rock Road Restaurant on Sunday evening. (Yeah, I know, it should be our treat, but my parents always insisted us to save money and them should be treating their children instead to dinner! We also got a few scolding for buying them the hamper! LOL)

Rock Road Restaurant as the name indicated is situated at Rock Road, one of the busiest roads in Kuching. It has a reputation of been the expensive seafood restaurant around the city. However those that patronize the place would agree with me that their food is superb and ingredients used are fresh. Why not? Their seafood is taken out fresh from the water tanks!

As always, we had a wonderful dinner there. You order your food and get to pick up your own vegetables and seafood on the ground floor before proceed to first floor to their seating area. They have renovated their seating area so it looks more modern looking compared to their previous “traditional Chinese” theme. Our menu for the evening as follow:

Fried noodles
Tiger Prawn with satay sauce
Sze Chuan tofu
Steamed white pomfret (Teochew style)
Potato leaves with shrimp paste
Mixed vegetables in yam basket

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Billy's Mom said...

Alamak!! Look at all those yummy seafood. I am drooling!