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Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing much done....

I have a very relaxing Chinese New Year holiday. We didn’t do much visiting for the past few days except yesterday where we visited 3 houses in the afternoon. We lazy ourselves in my parents’ house for the 1st 3 days of CNY, and because of the rain, we just don’t feel like doing any visiting. Big J told me that he want to go back to Kapit next year for CNY, he was bored doing nothing here! Sigh!

Little J manage to watch lion dance on Saturday afternoon, her first time. She was pretty excited although was scared when they started playing those loud gong and drums. After that, she just getting thrilled, following the lion troupe around and even imitating the lion dance. She even show her lion dance to her grandparents and dad to their amusement! Sorry, forget to take photo of her imitating the lion dance! LOL!

Some of the coffee shops open yesterday, but it was like betting with yourself of getting both parking and seating as coffee shops were packed with patrons. Even if you manage to find a proper parking space for your vehicle, you may not be in luck of finding a table to sit on!! Need to queue up to find a table. Guess everyone bored of eating at home or out of food, so everyone hunting down those coffee shops that open around Kuching.

After a breakfast of kolo mee, we went to Everise Departmental Store for some shopping. Not a lot of people there! Usually the parking lot is packed with cars and its supermarket and departmental store are full with customers around, even where it opens at 10am!!

We went visiting to Big J’s aunty, then a cousin and finally another cousin of Big J. Little J didn’t take her afternoon nap yesterday so, she slept very early last night, around 830pm and almost dozed off with her milk bottle in her mouth! Poor gal!! Hahahah! Hardly cant wait to welcome her aunty and uncle back home from Kapit last night.

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