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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Companion on the road

Everyday need to get out from the house around 7.30am. Need to send Little J to her baby sitter, and usually reached the house around 7.45am.
After that, drive all the way to work, and usually reach the office car park around 8.10am. Again, depends on the traffic and weather, the duration from baby sitter's house to office varies from 20 - 25 minutes. So, as you see, it will take me about 40 - 45 minutes on the road.
For the first 15 - 20 minutes, I would have Little J keep me company, always chatting at the back of the car. She no longer sit in her toddler seat as I took the cushion for a wash prior to Chinese New Year and too lazy to install it back to the car! I am training her to sit at the back of the car and slowly introduce car safety belt to her.
As always Little J cant never sit still in the seat for a minute. She will shout, chat and point here and there. When ever she sees anything familiar, such as the big metal hornbill bird statue at BDC flyover, she will say "big bird" or sometimes "hi big bird" to me! Now with the general election around the corner, everywhere are those political parties' banners and fish tails. So, I take this opportunity to teach Little J new word, i.e. "flag"!
This morning, she saw some banners while on the way to baby sitter, and start shouting "flag flag" to me! Inside, I am happy that she is fast learner and remember the word well!! But sometimes, wish that she would stay quiet and still in the car, not jumping up and down at the back! So that I could concentrate well on the road in front of me, instead of at the back!! Jen, I guess you know what I mean right? We been your back passengers before. LOL

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Jen's Place said...

haha! Dun reli remember but I know ur lil J gets very excited and run around. But kids bah, they shud have fun...hahaha..