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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mr and Mrs Right?

No one is perfect. Everyone has their flaws, whether you like it or not. It is facts of life, you just have to accept it, not you liking it.

Big J is not the handsomest man in the pool but I never commented on his looks. I have friends came back to me either they themselves or they overheard from other on my taste (when Big J was my boyfriend) as they know that Big J doesn’t fit in the qualities that I look in men. Hahaha! Talking about setting a mark! Big J is a smoker, drinker and Foochow! The qualities that I look (or looked as it was in the past) are non-smoker, non-drinker and definitely not a Foochow! I am not discriminating, but I never thought of having a Foochow man as a boyfriend before! *wink*

My friends were worry that I was blind and simply “choose” without much thinking. At least I know that my friends were concern and always have my interest at heart! But I proved them wrong that I am not so into looks but more on character. Big J was (and still is although he seldom show it now) romantic, intelligent and hardworking man. I feel comfortable with him. I don’t care what other think of him!

So here I go, married to Big J after 3 years dating. Never regret my decision as I know he is my Mr Right in the sense he loves me and will stand by me through the hard and good times. He stop going out at night and seldom drink since Little J came into the picture. Thank god for that. Although cant change his smoking habit much, he definitely try his best not to smoke in front of Little J which I am grateful for.

So, how to determine whether that person is your Mr or Mrs Right? There is no perfect guideline for this, but it is based on your instinct! You will know that he is the one for you! You feel comfortable when around him, no pretence when he is there and you can be yourself. If he is your Mr Right, grab him before other does!! Looks can be deceiving. What good does it bring if that person is the most handsome man in the world and yet he has the heart of a stone?? It is quality and character that you should be looking into that person.....look further and you shall seek.

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mama bok said...

I compromised once.. and regretted it big time.. coz' 10 yrs was wasted on a wimp.. and a wuss..! glad it is all over now.