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Friday, February 1, 2008

Big J's new car

I have been driving darling hubby to his office for the whole week this week. Total time spend on the road is 1 hour from house to my office, in between sent Little J to her baby sitter’s house and Big J’s bank.

Big J has booked a new car and hopefully would be able to get it before Chinese New Year. It is rather inconvenient for Big J to work without a car as he is into sales. For the last few days he has been relying on his boss and other good friends to send him to meet customers and sorting out his car loss matters.

Oh yeah, Big J is getting a Toyota Hilux Commonrail. Another big car! Male ego I have to say. Big J just cant do with a smaller car. The new car is around RM95K. Downpayment of 10% has been settled earlier of the week. For the new car, he is going to install GPRS and advance alarm system. Already learn his lesson! Big car require extra precaution!! Thieves love big cars, so we are getting paranoid now. Better be safe than sorry!

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Billy's Mom said...

Wow! That is a very nice car. Yes, I think that is a smart thing to do nowadays esp on new and big car. Hope he get it just on time for CNY. :-))

BTW, you got tag. Please check my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!