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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby sister

Who is going to win the tug game??

Big J’s cousin brought her baby girl over the weekend. Isnt she adorable? She is exactly one year younger than Little J! Born on the same day, just one year later!! From the look of both, they almost same size!! My Little J is skinny and tall, not much fat in her body! LOL.

Little J kept going to her baby cousin, Chloe tried to hug or touch her. She is pretty careful on not “harming” Chloe under her mummy’s observation. Maybe it is young children’s behaviour, they tend to touch other children and see whether they are a threat or friend??

The whole night, both children playing toys and messing around the house. Luckily Chloe just starting to stand, doesn’t walk yet, otherwise we will be chasing both children around the house. Little J doesn’t mind sharing her favourite toys with Chloe, which is good sign! She can share! However, occasionally both kids have a tug game when both doesn’t want to give in!! *Faint* It is very funny sight seeing both kids pulling and scratching each other.

When it comes to mummy, Little J stating her “property”. She blew her top and make a scene when I carrying little Chloe around. She is jealous seeing other baby in her mummy’s arms. She doenst mind having another children around, but not when mummy carry and hug them!!

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