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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The greatest fan!

I found a loyal fan of Alvin & The Chipmunks at home! My Little J! She has grew fond of the singing chipmunks from Day 1 she watched the movie at home. Since then, she has been watching the DVD everyday when she has the chance to.
Every morning 1st thing in the morning, she would ask either me or Big J to switch on the computer and play the DVD for her! Then once reach home in the evening, she would want to go to the bedroom and request to play the movie for her again! Oh no! We grow bored of it already! Even Big J know how to play the music with his guitar!
On the other hand, we are grateful that she started to develop like of watching television (I hope I didnt spoil her and she attaching to television when she grows up). We know that once she starts watching the DVD, she would not move from her place and glue herself in front of the computer. So, I can relieve myself and do other chores and take my bath, knowing she is safely watching DVD in the room. :)

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