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Friday, January 25, 2008

Walk Walk

Every day after picking Little J from her baby sister's house, Little J would say to me "walk, walk". She wants me to bring her for a walk either to shopping centre, park or out for dinner. As long as she can go out and not stay at home!
Maybe it is at this age, young children love to go outdoor. Like Little J, when someone is leaving the house (such as her aunt and uncle) she will immediately get her shoes from the shoe cabinet and walk out without putting on her shoes first!! She was panic in case someone forget to bring her along. LOL!
If she sees me dress up, she will go very excited and cannot wait to go downstair. One good thing about her is that she will not step out from the house without putting on her shoes first. She has been trained that way. So when she is in a rush or panic, she will put on the wrong shoes on her feet! After that she will cry out "Jin Jin" (I still havent decipher the meaning of that word and dont know what language is that), telling you she wearing wrong shoes and cant take them off herself!
So, everytime she heard we mentioned "walk walk" to her, Little J just barely cant content herself from not going out.

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