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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Money money money

Number one issue within married relationships is communication about money! How you handle money issues is important in having a successful marriage life.

People always said that love is a foundation to a successful marriage. Love is the greatest thing to have happened in your life, but unfortunately to say that if you have no money to pay your monthly bills, school fees for your children, then it will cause a big stress in marriage life and ruin relationships among husband and wife.

We need to be realistic here! Without money, you would be unhappy thinking of all those stuff you need to settle isn’t it? I am not that type of woman that go for money, otherwise I wouldn’t choose my Big J as he is not from a wealthy family. :) Love is what bring us together. We do encounter some bad and good times when it come to money, but we manage to overcome them together.
So my advice to couples is no matter how tight you are in term of money, you should be going through the bad and good time lovingly together. Before you plan to settle down, please discuss and list down those money issues properly, i.e who should settle what, how to settle, how much to save and invest, etc. Those come in handy once you start a family.

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