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Friday, January 11, 2008

Went to Kung Kung and Po Po's house

We went back to Little J's grandparents' house yesterday evening for dinner. It has been a while since we have dinner over there. The last time was last year during the Tang Yuen festival. Both Big J and myself missed my mum's cooking sssssooo much! Blame on me for being lazy to cook proper food over the weekend. I promise myself to make it as one of my resolution this year to cook more. I start it this week okay? Still not late to realise my resolution, right? LOL.
Actually we call it my parents' old house (that is where I stayed before we moved to current house. We called that "new house".) After staying in new house for about 2 years I married and move in with Big J. Old house used as my dad's workshop, initially deal in car spare parts and engines, now he branches out into bicycle business as well.

Little J in her good mood in the car

Mum's new family addition. She never fond of cat, so we were surprised to hear that she adopted this little darling. Her name is Mimi. She is indeed very beautiful, but a bit on playful side.

Little J was excited as can play with dogs and cat over the grandparents' house. When we reached the old house, both the dogs have gone back with my brother and sister to new house. So left little Mimi there. She stays at old house as mum doesnt want her to be with the other two dogs.

Big J pedalling on one of the bicycle before dinner. Good exercise to for him to slim down

Little J playing with bell while kung kung carrying her

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