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Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad Shopping Experience

I went to one of boutiques near to Tun Jugah shopping centre during the weekday. Managed to get myself a pant and handbag. I also bought a blouse for my mum. Total is RM189.70, but since I have 20% discount coupon, the amount should be RM151.76.

However, the sales girl took such a long time to calculate my shopping cost and after paying up my purchase, I realized she punched in wrongly for my pant. She punched in 10% for it instead of 20%! Luckily I checked the receipt as I normally would, and politely pointed out the mistake to her!

She called her manager to report the problem. After the phone call, she told me she cannot refund the balance to me as already punched into the system! Further more she passed me back the 20% discount for me to reuse in the future. What? It doesn’t look the same with refund my balance (it is merely RM5.99) and I need to spend and use up the 20%, don’t you think so? So I reasoned out to her that this is not making sense. Unless in future they discounted me RM5.99 further on top of the 20$ discount. Yeah yeah, I am a bad customer myself! She called her manager again.

A very rude sales girl! Unsmiling face the whole time (like you owed her millions of ringgit) and never said a single word of “thank you”. She was very irritated by my request. In the end, I got my money back! I guess I wouldn’t want to go back there! That is one reason I don’t want to take that 20% discount coupon!


Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
You did the right thing! They do not have the right to keep your money especially it was their mistake in the first place. :-))

Rose said...

Yes, Billy's mom! Just doesnt make sense of me spending more in future in that shop! Hahahah!