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Friday, January 11, 2008

Sushi King

When Sushi King opened its first outlet in Boulevard, Big J cant wait to patronize the outlet this week. His wish came true on Wednesday night when he SMSed me in my office to remind me of the dinner.

We reached Boulevard shortly before 7pm. Fortunately the shopping mall was not crowded and Sushi King was not packed. We ordered set dinner and some sushi platters. Little J didn’t taste any of the Japanese dishes as she already have her meal over baby sister’s house before I picked her up. However she enjoyed her drink. Her first taste of Apple Vinegar drink! I cant stand the sour taste of the drink, I wonder how she can finish the whole pack? Luckily only 3ml. So far, no stomach upset from her!

Big J has Karei Nitsukei Set (forget to take photo of actual food, only realise once he finished it)

I have Saba Bbq set (this fish piece in my rice bowl is from Big J's plate)

After the dinner, we have a walk around the centre. The crowd started to come in, and a queue was starting to form in front of Sushi King. We didn’t bought anything except two packs of diaper for Little J *laugh* We still not in that CNY shopping mood yet!

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