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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Men can shop?

Trusting your man to shop is like trusting gold fall down from the sky! Believe men, men can really shop till they drop than us, women!
Big J always advised me to write down a list of our shopping items before we went for shopping. However when we did our shopping, we ended up buying 40% unnecessary items. The problem is Big J kept throwing those 40% items into the shopping cart. Most of the times those items are food! So, who said "stomach is to the man's heart" is damn so right! Nothing can keep them away from food!
When Big J shop, he never look at the price tags unlike me, very feeble about those pricing. He will buy 3 pants at price of RM500 plus and didnt comment on price. If me, sure double and triple thinking whether wanna buy those at such price!!

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