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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little rascal

Last night Little J said to me in the bed, “Ah Ma hit hit, cry cry”. Wow, her sentences are getting longer. I am still trying to get her speak proper sentence minus the repetition of words, but not wanting to put too much pressure on Little J, I let her be for time being. Just getting excited that she can express her feeling better now.

Her Ah Ma was here for few days, and being Ah Ma’s precious grandchild, I was surprised when Little J said those 6 words. Her Ah Ma never hit her. Hmm, wonder why Little J said such things. However I am happy that she knows the consequences of action such as when people hit her, she will cry.

As I have been describing Little J as mischievous little girl most of the time, however she always have a soft heart to her paternal grandmother. When I picked her from baby sister’s house, she will always ask me “Where Ah Ma?”. I have to repeat my answer few things as she keep asking for her knowing Ah Ma is not in Kuching.

When she saw her Ah Ma, she will ask her to hug and carry her. She will stay in her hug quietly, head on Ah Ma’s shoulder. The funny thing is that when we commented about her quiet demeanor, we felt like she is looking and smiling at us in a funny way! Like she has won a battle and showing off to us! Gosh!

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