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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Excite your marriage life

I am not an expert in marriage counseling, but with some reading and personal experience, I have gathered few ideas to ignite the fire in our marriage life. For those that plan to tie the knot soon or feeling bored after many years of marriage, please take note on the following ways:

Get temporary amnesia
When you are out in company and your hubby is telling a joke he has been telling millions of times, pretend you are hearing it for first time. Watch how animatedly he tells his tale – you may see him through new eyes and rekindle your appreciation for him

Get a hobby
Go biking or bowling, or visit a spa – whatever you used to enjoy before you married. Carve out some treats for yourself. You will have more energy for your life and more to talk about with your hubby too

Watch him do what he does best
Grab the kids and watch him while he plays his weekly tennis game, or hang out and admire his karaoke singing. Observing your hubby while he is doing something will give you a thrill as you think “He is good and he is mine!”

Do something unusual
Suggest a camping weekend, or surprise him with a fancy homemade breakfast in bed. He will be impressed.

Right here and then
When the mood strikes, do not hesitate to let him know you are thinking of him – send him a romantic SMS, or call to say how much you appreciate him. It may not look as if he cares, but inside, he is glowing with pride

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