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Monday, January 28, 2008


Big J's car was stolen yesterday evening, while we were having our dinner at RH Plaza. The incident happened too fast that we couldnt believe it!
We reached the area and parked our car (Land Cruiser Grey Metallic colour) around 6.30pm. My sister-in-law picked up my mother-in-law from airport and reached there around 6.45pm, then my family arrived shortly after that! Big J's car was still there!
We finished our dinner around 7.30pm. It was raining last night so we immediately went back to our respective cars. To our astonishment, our car is missing from the spot! My brother spotted it first as his car parked few space from us. *sob sob*
We went to make police report at the Simpang Tiga Police HQ. I didnt wait for Big J, I get my sis-in-law to send me and Little J home. Big J came home last night around 10pm.
It is really "soi" (unlucky) as Big J is almost finishing his car loan repayment. Only 1 more left!! He paying around RM1700 loan per month for the car for the past 3 years! Sigh! The most unlucky thing is that he already got his green card back from the loan company and kept in his bag in the car! Now the car, green card and bag went missing! So much in a night!! He shouldnt have kept his bag and green card in the car, although numerous nagging from me. He lost his bag previously last year (his new bag that we gave for his birthday after about 3 months using it). He never learnt his lesson. Now the whole car gone! And the thief very lucky to get away with the green card in the car too!
Now we can only pray hard that we can find our car. However we know that is a wish only. It wouldnt be easy to look for a missing car in Sarawak, maybe the car no longer in here, but at neighbouring countries?
We are looking for new car now and need to obtain new loan again! S**t! Just when we thought we finished paying the loan for the car next month, and can concentrate on our house loan and save some for this year trip, this incident just couldnt come at the right time! And poor Big J, not in good mood although he didnt show it, but knowing him, he would miss his first bought car and memories that go with it.


MamaBoK said...

Claim insurance..??

Agnes said...

So sad to hear that. Can you claim insurance without the green card. Our car(Toyota Wish) also got stolen in JB. The worst part is i saw them do it but i can't do anything. We only use that car for 4 months.

Billy's Mom said...
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Billy's Mom said...

Oh NO!!! I am sorry to hear about your car, Rose. Yeah, so unfortunate that the green card was also in the car. That is really sad. Hope you guys can get something from the insurance and
the evil theft will be caught soon. Take care!

Rose said...

Mamabok, yeah we claiming insurance but not much loh.

Agnes, sayang lah, just used for 4 months and then stolen? The thief nowadays really so "keng". Your car can be stolen in broad day light and in fast speed!

billy's mom, hubby actually get help from a "bomoh" to put spell on the culprit! I never know he is so into those things. maybe in desparation, any solution to find the car will do!! hahaha!

Nick Phillips said...

Whoa, that is indeed real bad luck! I hope they do somehow find your car back, but then like you said, it's probably out of the country by now.

My sympathies ... It's not something that should happen to anyone this close to the CNY!

Jen's Place said...

I was in shocked actually when u told me that ur hubby car stolen. My god! Kuching crime is getting worse and worse. I know it is hard now but maybe there is a silver lining somewhere in this misfortune?
Anyway, I am feeling upset on your behalf!