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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blame on the boss!

Dont ever let your boss come between you and your partner! What ever do after office hour should not be brought back home! Leave everything outside the office door and come home as a spouse instead. Not a nagging employee.

Big J's boss is one of the most inconsiderate employers I ever know. A control freak, workaholic and unreasonable man! He will pester his staff, ask for their location when they went out for lunch or meeting with clients and pressuring his staff to do this and that! If the reason of above is to achieve company goals, but shouldnt his staff have some breathing time (for lunch) and trusted to do their work properly without been treated like children?

After work, he would call Big J for some update and suggestions. Gosh! Big J still need to report to him after work? Yeah, with salary of RM3XXX in banking line, pressure is a part of work. With such boss from hell, it is even more pressure! Pressure at achieving company goal and frustration of having such unreasonable boss!

His boss is getting to our nerve, come in between us. We would end up argue on his boss's behaviour of pestering him at home. Big J always complain to me on his boss, how freak he is. Sigh! What to do? Big J still need to work and promotion is coming up.

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