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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Isnt she cute?

Big J offered to pick up Little J from baby sister’s house one evening when I gone for my aerobic session. As Little J seldom sit on the front passenger seat and it is rather dangerous for her to sit there, Big J opted for Little J to be at the back passenger seat. Being an active and restless child, Little J cant stand been strapped with car seat belt. Yes I know! It is very dangerous having a 1 year old plus children at the back of the car without car safety belt, but what to do? She doesn’t want to be belted and Big J cant stand having her screaming all the way home in the car.

Ok, to cut the story short, basically been very noisy child, Big J was somehow equally surprised at how quiet Little J was in the car that evening. When Big J called her name, she simply replied with “Hmm”. Wondering what was wrong (because nothing can keep Little J’s attention longer than 1 minute!), he glanced back when stop at a traffic light! To his dismay, Little J finished playing with her wet tissue! So, that was what she was busy about!! Busy pulling her wet tissue out one by one from the box!!! Faint!! Big J forgets about the wet tissue at the back of the car, suppose to keep it but he simply forget!

So not wanting to get scolded from me, he discarded the wet tissue! Well, if I didn’t ask on the other night on the wet tissue, he wouldn’t have told me this story!! As for my little gal, I am speechless and no comment! She can be cute when she wants to be, but other days, she can be a nuisance! We nickname her “J the Menace” as in “Dennis the Menace”! *wink*

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Billy's Mom said...

I can imagine the looks on the Big J face when he finally noticed what little J have been doing at the back seat.....haha! How cute!