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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Potty Trainee

Little J has been on potty training since middle of last year. Once she knows how to stand and squat steadily by herself, her baby sister has potty trained her. Now she is diaper-free over there. Only wear diaper when she is going out. Thanks to her baby sister which she fondly called her “mama”, otherwise I wouldn’t have the time and initiative to train her! Blame on my lazy bone! Hahaha!

At home, every time Little J want to do “big business”, she would just tell me she wants to “ng ng” and try to take off her pants and diaper. She will immediately go to the toilet after that and squat on the floor! Sometimes she can squat for more than 15 minutes although she has finished doing her “big business”! So to persuade her out from the toilet, I will bathe her, let her play with water until she is satisfy! Otherwise I will be dragging a screaming little girl out from the toilet who is reluctant to put on her clothes! Kids! They can be very stubborn sometimes.

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