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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Grand Slam

Yeah, Australian Open started this week. I may not be able to watch the live matches on Astro channel, but I still catching up on the results and news via website and newspapers.
I started to watch tennis matches 8 years ago. Finished my degree and looking for job, I have ample times at home, doing nothing. So, every day clicking on the remote control and switching from one channel to another. So, turning to Astro Supersport and a tennis match was in progress. I cant remember who was playing, but I started to learn more about the tennis game and its term. Intrigued by the game, I even took up a few matches with an ex-colleague. Hahah! Still havent master the game. Luckily Big J is into tennis too. I played few matches with him when we were dating and before I got myself pregnant. But now, my tennis racket was hang in the store room waiting for me to play it again! LOL!~ maybe one of this day, bringing Little J to the tennis court. As long as she didnt get hit and "kay poh" around the court.
Back to Australian Open, I am hoping to see Roger Federer has the flair to achieve again in this year's Open! Been a great fan of his when he started playing pro few years ago. All the best to him!


zooropa said...

Oh I found someone love tennis, hardly found someone! But I'm Rafa's fan but v still can talk rite?! hehe... FYI, I'm abt 2start a new blog on sports so u r invited 1st. Cheers.


Rose said...

Ok! look forward to your new blog!!

Well, we cheering for different players, but our main common interest still is tennis, so it is fine!! :)