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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Progress of Little J

When ever Little J wants something from her parents or other, she will say “Pleezzz” (please). The problem is when we asked her what she wants; she only knows how to say “Pleezz” and points her finger in the mid-air. So, we have to guess what she wants by looking at where she is pointing to!

Now she is slowly to learn to say what she want, such as card, milk, open the door etc when we asked her. She has not yet master a whole and complete sentence, however her longest sentence is 4 words, which is “Mummy I love you”. Her frequent used words are “ayang” (love), “mei mei” (beautiful), “big bird” (indicating the statuesque Hornbill bird at the BDC-Airport roundabout) and “open”. I know, I know, her vocabulary is a “rojak” now, a bit of this language and that language!! Can’t blame her if I converse English with her, her daddy speaks Hokkien and English with her, her uncles and aunties, and baby sister speak Mandarin. I believe she got the Malay words from her baby sister’s house as there are some Malay workers there. LOL.

We are getting her to say “hung pow na lai” (give me a red packet) for the coming Chinese New Year. She already knows how to greet people and say “gong xi gong xi”. Well, hopefully she is getting lots of ang pow in Kuching this year! LOL!

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