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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

Guess little kids learn faster by looking at the adults and imitating what they are doing! My Little J loves to look good, just like her mummy. She will say “mei mei” (beautiful in Chinese) when she wants someone to tie her hair, find a ribbon and try to tie her hair herself or when looking at the mirror! Maybe it is girl’s nature, they just simply love to look pretty.

When she saw her mummy putting on some body lotion, she will come forward to her mummy and say “tion tion” (short form for lotion). Showing her foot or hand, she is expecting her mummy to put some lotion on them. So, to oblige, I will dab some onto her feet and hands, and she will rub them off and say “rub rub”! OMG! She even put on my and my sis-in-law’s lipsticks onto her lips if she can find any. Luckily she hasn’t discovered that to apply lipsticks, she would need to twist the lipstick up!!

Big J and myself think that she is going to be a big spender like me in those cosmetic and skincare department when she grows up! Well, we can’t blame her if she keeps looking at how her mummy looking after her skin and doing her make up every day! LOL.

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