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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Saturday Morning Shopping

The Spring

Promotion at Concourse Area

Promotion next to Concourse Area

Cherry Blossom blooming around the centre

We went back to The Spring last Saturday morning, bringing along my father-in-law too as he want to shop some clothes for his wife! Been very “kiasu”, we reached The Spring 15 minutes before 10am. Luckily we didn’t have to wait so long, as the car park attendant let us in into the basement carpark before 10am. However, all the outlets not open yet even at 10am.

Been in A&P line, I have the habit of taking photos of any event/exhibition happening in a shopping mall! Hahaha!

We spent almost 2 hours at The Parkson departmental store, hubby spending almost 1 hours in men’s section buying his CNY clothes. He also bought 2 Pierre Cardin luggage bags worth RM400+. He said to stand by bags for our Thailand trip this year! LOL!! By the way, the luggage bags were on 50% sales, so it is pretty worth it to get them now. Some more, our old luggage bags were not in good condition (one with a malfunction lock, and other one was spoiled during last trip back to Kapit).

Little gal also got new dresses, her grandfather paying for them as Chinese New Year’s present! At last little gal got a balloon from the clown as during last trip she didn’t got any. She kept following the clown around and I guess the clown knew it, so the first balloon he gave it to my little gal! *wink*

As for myself, I didn’t get anything!! Why? Because busy looking and carrying little gal, I don’t have time to look around. Cannot trust hubby to look after her as she will shout for her mummy! Sigh! Maybe this week, I will drop by The Spring’s Parkson to hunt for my clothes as I have 7 pieces of RM10 discount vouchers. I need to utilize them by this week as due date is on 25 January.

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