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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Boy's Toy

Big J’s dream of owning a Harley Davidson! I remember he told me of his dream when we started going steady. He asked whether I fear sitting in a big bike. Of course started dating and wanting to impress him, I simply said no, right?

He is even more determined to get one after his sister went to a visit to Harley Davidson factory in US during her final year there!

Is it man or what, that when they are small, they play with toy cars and bikes, and when they grow up, they opting for real cars and bikes? Maybe it is human nature that toys would not satisfy their curiosity anymore. The desire to own real things make it more exciting and challenging for them! Big J’s sis bought him few key chains and a souvenir bike from Harley Davidson, but those things were kept in the storage boxes. LOL. Imagine if it is a real bike, I wonder he would keep it in closure? Sure not easy to own one in Kuching, fearing been stolen or damage when on the road!!

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