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Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Snorer

Does your little one snore? Mine does! Little J has been snoring since she was a baby. I never know that baby snores too!

Little J snores louder and talks in her sleep when she had a busy day. Too much of activities on that day and she will sleep like a log with snoring at night.

You see, I have to deal with two snorers in my bedroom. Big J is a big snorer himself. Gosh! Really so loud I think I cannot hear my own heartbeat at all. Now I cant wait for Little J to have her own bedroom when we move to our new house. Then I have one less snorer to deal with!


Nick Phillips said...

My younger boys snores so loud at times, wifey and me can hear him all the way in our room with the door closed even ... LOL!

Rose said...

Oh no! Nick, I hope my little gal wouldnt be snoring that loud! Mind you, she is a girl! I cant imagine her snoring till her adolescence! LOL