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Saturday, April 19, 2008

It is Spring Cleaning time

Here I am in the office, while Big J is at home, calling or SMSing me from time to time, complaining about our cleaning lady. We have a cleaning lady that come to our house every Saturday.
Big J is complaining that she did not do a good job, especially the bathroom and he has to get down to re-do it himself! ;p Luckily I am not at home now, so I am out of his way! Let him do all those housework (since he seldom do it) and I just take my sweet time in office till 1230pm. 30 more minutes before I officially out of here!
When was the last time you do a thorough spring cleaning of your house??? I think the last time we did it was before CNY. Meaning more than 2 months. I believe some dirts and stuff have been compiling over the months and need to be throw away. I warned Big J not to throw my stuff or I wouldnt be talking to him anymore! *wink* He has the habit of throwing my stuff without informing me first! I hate it when he did that!
Since I took his precious notebook away this morning, he has no activity (or should I said, entertainment) at home, he is up to his cleaning cap. Blaming me for taking his notebook away! ;p Sorry dear, I need it more to blog hopping on a Saturday morning.

1 comment:

mama bok said...

No wonder PB donch want a notebook.. but a desktop lah..!! else i can take it away from him. .muahhahaha!!!