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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mummy & Daddy's gal turning 2!

Our precious girl is turning 2 years old on Monday. She is growing to be a pretty girl. *wink*

When Little J was a baby, everyone commented that she looked like Big J, but as she growing up, she resembles me more. Sometimes I feel like she looks like her aunt (Big J’s sister) more. Thank god she doesn’t look much like Big J. However she still inherited her dad’s big and flat nose! Hahaha! So in case when she growing up and want to do any nose beautified surgery, we have stand by some fund for her to do so! *wink*

It feels like yesterday when we brought Little J home from hospital. It was a hard-to-forget memory when I held my bundle of joy in my arm for the first time in the hospital’s bed. It is hard to describe the feeling here as it was mix of happy, joy, relief, satisfaction, achievement and pain. Both grandparents were excited as she is the first grandchild in both families. She has been showered with loves and attentions from both grandparents. That makes her to be a spoiled brat and naughty little girl now!

Little J is a fast learner and loves attention. She started to stand on both leg before she was 1 year old and walk when she was around 14 months old. By 19 months she can walk up and down the stair case all by herself. Scare the shit out of her parents!

Her first word was “mum mum”. I guess every child started with that word. Now she is able to master more vocabulary both in Chinese and English and her longest sentence is 6 words. Now she is able to recognize alphabets, and having fun showing off her knowledge to other. Not only that, she has also starting to master some singing skill. As her mummy only knows how to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “ABC song”, she only knows those 2 songs. However, sometimes she will just sing to herself when she is bored. Lol!

She has few toys but one of her favorites would be a teddy bear she fondly called “J J bear bear”. I called her bear her best friend. They are inseparable when at home. Just thank god I do not need to bring her bear along when we go out. *wink*

She is now weighing around 12kg and measure at 88 cm tall. She is one choosy eater. It takes you much effort and time to trick her to finish up a bowl of porridge or rice. Her favourite dishes include chicken rice and kolok mee (Sarawak special noodle)! Maybe because of the fragrant, she can eat many spoonfuls of them. Or should I say, she inherited Big J’s food preference? Even when come to snack and drink, she has the same taste like her dad. Her favourite snack is peanuts and she loves to drink iced tea.

Little J is able to feed herself now, although she always end up messing her food. More food around the table and floor than go into her mouth! Lol! She still wet her shirts (meaning drooling on her shirts)! How to stop her from drooling and wetting her clothes? She has more or less a complete set of baby teeth I manage to count her teeth to be 18 teeth. She doesn’t want to open up for her mummy to check and count her teeth!

She may be naughty and always have something up her sleeves, but she is still her mummy and daddy’s darling girl. This year birthday is special to her as she is celebrating together with her younger cousin, Chloe. Both born on same date but 1 year apart. So one is a puppy and another little piggy! Big J born in the Year of Dog and Chloe in the Year of Pig! I guess dog and pig go along pretty well, right? *laugh* They met on several occasions and they do have their tugging, scratching, touching and pushing sessions, but children been children right? There are signs of jealousy too, such as “my territory” and “my toys” shown, but those behaviors are normal in young children.

How we celebrating Little J’s birthday? Nothing grand this year unlike last year where we have 60 people attending Little J’s birthday party in a Chinese Restaurant. We are going to celebrate Chloe’s birthday in her apartment tonight with outside food catering. As for Little J, I have ordered an Oreo Cheese cake to be enjoyed and celebrated tomorrow evening. Maybe a nice dinner treat with her uncle and aunty too.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little J. And little Chloe, Happy 1st Birthday to you too!


Dora said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to lil Janice! Big big hug from Auntie Dora (Dora Jie Jie lah!...) +_+"

Rose said...

Thanks on my little gal behalf! :) Er, Auntie Dora.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lil J! But I still think she looks very much like Big J! But she is cuter of course! hehe!

Princess said...

U r not a good mama.. Plastic surgery???? Being natural is the best and the look is not that important. Is the heart. Anyway, to me, Little J look better than the parents.. Anyone agree with me here?

The money better put into education or insurance than plastic surgery

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm totally with you, princess. Thank God Little J doesn't look much like Big J?? Geez..he's your husband, Rose, remember that. Yes, thank God indeed.

Rose said...

Princess and anonymous, cant you guys take a joke lightly? duh?

Princess said...

Jokes can ... but not the way you describe your BIG J. I cannot imagine if BIG J describe you as such... You WILL be jumping and i cannot imagine any further how is the damage..

My god... Anyway, GOD BLESS U ROSE

Rose said...

Princess, me and Big J very open, we talk and describe each other, if you know us well. he always said I have big face, and me on his big nose. No shame in admitting such things.

Husband and wife should be open on such things dont u think??

Princess said...

i totally agree with you Rose. Partners need to be open to each other with respect. That is why you say, open to HUSBAND and WIFE !!!! not to public ROSE. wink

Anonymous said...

Think sometimes Rose is so into writing her blog till she forget that people she criticize may also read her blog!

I remember 1 entry, she talked bout her boss new born baby, so small, only 2kg++, while her Lil J is 3kg++! In my heart, i was thinking, if I'm the boss, I sure get offended lah! So long as the baby is healthy, does weight really matters that much?

And if i were you Rose, I also wouldnt write about day dreaming in office lah! Your boss probably reads your blog everyday! Watch out, you probably not getting any bonus this year, that is if you still have the job!

Rose said...

I am not criticising anyone here, just stating the fact! Oh god, I am dumbfound. Better keep my mouth shut. Thanks for reminding me, i will do so from now onward

Princess said...

I totally agree with anonymous. But i think your boss will not mind on whatever your comment is as he is letting you go Day dreaming in the office as you wish. Wink Wink

mama bok said...

She is so pretty..!!! Happy birthday..!!

Billy's Mom said...

Happy belated birthday Little J!
Hope you got lots of prezzies from mommy and daddy!

* You such a cutie pie!

Hugs from,
Aunty Hilda & Little Billy.