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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lost in Crocodile Farm

After a hearty breakfast this morning at Pedawan, we headed straight to Jong’s Crocodile Farm which is about 30km from Kuching city and located somewhere along the Kuching-Serian road. We were concern on the mid-day sun, so we planned our trip early in the morning so by the time we reached the farm around 10am, the weather was not too dry and warm. Luckily the weather was windy with no rain in sight.

As the name indicated, Jong’s Crocodile Farm is a crocodile breeding farm. Entrance for adult is RM10 and for children under 12 is RM5 per head. The farm opens 7 days a week. At the farm, you are expected to come face-to-face with many sizes of crocodiles. The best time to visit is during the feeding session, i.e. 11am and 3pm. Here you would be able to watch huge and fierce crocodiles in action, fighting to get a bit chunk of the meats. Baby crocodiles are much more pampered, waiting for the feeding time in their respective tanks.

The famous crocodile of all time, Bujang Senang (Happy Bachelor)’s skull is also on display here. Bujang Senang is a legend; a notorious man eater and killed many people in Batang Lupar River in Sri Aman.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm is also home to some rare species of birds and other animals that can be found in the land of Borneo. We can see that Little J is enjoying herself at the farm especially when she gets to see some monkeys, birds and fishes. Her first time to the farm and also first close encounter with so many wildlife.

After the trip of looking at all those fierce crocodile, you may lose your appetite, but should you want to take a bite, there is a snack corner in the farm. You can also buy some drinks there to quench your thirsts. They do have a Bujang Senang souvenir shop for you to buy something home. I remember the last time I visited the farm with Big J (I was pregnant that time), he bought me a hat. You know those typical Japanese hats? I don’t know why I get him to buy for me as I didn’t like it. Make me look like a nerdy Asian girl! Lol! Big J bought himself a necklace with a crocodile teeth pendant! This time round, we did not buy anything.

We departed from Jong’s Crocodile Farm around 12noon. Before we reached home, Little J already dozed off in her car seat. She must have tired herself out! Never mind, she needed all those afternoon nap, as it would be another fun activity tonight at her little cousin’s house.

Arapaima Gigas, the largest fresh water fish from USA

Bujang Senang Skull

Crocodile pond

Feeding time

Directive banner

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