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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cut down on baby talk

Here I am, waking up early on Sunday. Little J is by my side, watching me typing this post. Told her to go "oh oh" , but she just ignoring me and started to pull every toys into the room.

For Little J to learn proper English or Chinese, it is essential that we treat her as adult and talk like adult too. No more “mum mum” (eat), “oh oh” (sleep) or “shi shi” (toilet break) for her. But habit been habit, once a while we tend to forget and continue with the baby talking. And it takes two to do the job too. If I speak proper English and Big J still continues with those little baby talk, then what is the use? It will take longer time to train Little J then. Lol!

From time to time Little J would surprise us with her vocabulary. As she was exposed to Chinese and English most of the time (other dialect been Hokkien), she can switch from one language to another. Must be due to two languages, her speeches are now “rojak” (mixed) of both languages.

When she saw a cat, she will say “maw”. Of course, I know that she is referring to a cat, and I will say “maw” too. Then she looked at me and say “cat”! Now who is teaching who here? Lol! Another funny example is when it is time for her bath. I will tell her “bath time” and she replies me in Chinese “chung liang”. Ok ok! I got her. No need to repeat after me. She can be annoying once a while, repeating the same words over and over again like a parrot.

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