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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gifts keep pouring in

Little J’s birthday is in 4 weeks time! We are planning for a dinner with close family, nothing extravagant compared to her 1 year old birthday party! Her birthday may be in 4 weeks time, but her aunties have started to buy her early birthday presents. (I think she is getting pampered more and more each day, LOL!)

This walking and noise-making giraffe is from her aunt (Big J’s sister) where as this cute bear bag is from another aunty (my cousin from Singapore). On behalf of Little J, thank you so much for your presents. Now I have problem keeping all her stuffs off the floor in the room! *wink*


Billy's Mom said...

Little J is such a lucky girl. :-))

yacoob said...

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mama bok said...

So blessed..!! she is really cute and pretty.. :)