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Friday, April 11, 2008

"Okay" on everything

I am not sure whether Little J understands on most things, but sometimes I feel like she knows what we were talking about.

Me: Would you like to go to grandpa and grandma’s house this weekend?
LJ: Okay. Go swimming (swimming here meaning soaking herself in her grandpa’s bath tub)

LJ: Shopping. (pointing to the shopping complex). Go walk walk
Me: This weekend, okay? We’re going home now.
LJ: Okay (nodding her head)

Now, when come to rejection, she would not take “no” for an answer (aren’t all of us don’t like “no” for an answer?). When she been reprimanded or caned by Big J, she will start to slap other people in return, like her mummy (poor me) and aunty! She is afraid of cane now. So when she misbehaved, we simply take out the cane and she will sit quietly like a log for few minutes.

Another scene:

Little J tapping on Big J’s notebook..

BJ: No! Don’t disturb my notebook
LJ: Watch cartoon
BJ: No cartoon!

And so the debate continued with Big J lost his patience and brought out the cane. Immediately Little J retrieved from his work station and up to the bed!! She got few canings and started to cry! And guess what! I got a slap on my face from her for been lying next to her!!

BJ: Cannot hit mummy. Bad girl.
LJ: (keep quiet)
BJ: If you hit mummy, daddy hit you back.
LJ: Okay (she is looking pitifully at me, like asking me for help)

What can I say or do?! When she was caned, I felt some pain in my heart and my arms go to her.


Zooropa said...

I don't know the actual situation but it seems that BJ is a bit strict to LJ, I mean in conversation?...


Rose said...

Hi Dora, yes, I do feel that hubby is strict with her! They always say, in between parents, one have to be "bad person" and other "good person". Actually he seldom reprimand her, most of the time I am the bad person. I feel like Little J not afraid of me. Maybe bcos I spend more time with her.