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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My little gem going to 2

Some update of my Little J’s development so far:

Weight: 12kg (3.58kg at birth)
Height: 88cm (50cm at birth)
Age: 23months plus

Definitely not much fat in her body. Very choosy eater. She loves to eat noodles, fried rice and chicken rice. Her favourite snacks including peanuts, yogurts, yogurt drinks and crackers. We are trying to limit her intake on snacks as sometimes it can get out of hand. She still takes her milk at night, 3 times per day of 190ml each. As for fruits, she takes bananas, papayas, dragon fruits, grapes, oranges and apples.

She loves to talk sometime babbling non-stop and we couldn’t understand a single word. Mix of Chinese and English with occasional Hokkien words in her speeches. She can be very “manja” (spoiled) and know how to make her mummy happy. She will say “mummy, I love you” from time to time, where as when ask her to say “daddy, I love you”, those words never come out from her mouth! Lol!

Motor skill:
1.She knows how to feed herself although still littering around and playing with her food when we did not pay attention to her.
2.She has the energy to push the door grille and coffee table around. Sooner or later she will be able to reach for the door knobs and turn them.
3. She is still learning how to hold the pens and pencils properly to write
4. She flip book pages one by one using her thumb and index finger

Favourite past time:
1. She enjoys reading. She has a children encyclopedia by Winnie The Pooh, a children bible and few children story books. Since I bought most of her books, mostly are in English language as I don’t read Chinese.
2. She also enjoys playing with her new toy, a laughtop as it is called, with alphabet and phonic learning, games cum tunes lap top! She is able to recognize most of the alphabets by now.

Hobbies & likes:
1. She loves to doodle on paper.
2. She loves to imitate her mummy and aunty in the beauty parts. She will request us to put nail polish on her toe nails and even tie and pin her hair. She loves to jump from the coffee table to sofa much to the terrifying look of her parents! *Faint*
3. She likes to go window shopping and play water
4. She likes to help her mummy in house chore, by bringing in the broom and dustpan, bringing in laundry and wipe the floor with tissue papers
5. She loves to grab the tv remote control and only know how to press “999”
6. She can climb up and down the staircase all by herself
7. She loves animal – loves to look at them.

Other know-how:
1. Picking up newspapers almost every day from the car pouch
2. Recognise the sound of the car and whose it belong to (daddy, aunty, uncle and my car) without looking at the car
3. Recognize colour blue, red, pick and green.
4. Wave, shake hand, hi-five, giving kisses and flying kisses and greet “Hi’ when she feels like to
5. She even knows how to put some nail polish on her uncle’s nails with less smear on sides.

I do receive many comments from friends and relatives that she is hyper-active and naughty. Nevertheless is the joy of the group, where ever she goes, everyone loves her curious and active attitude. Not easily scared of strangers, once she knows that he or she is a friend, she will start to explore their houses and discover “treasure” in the houses! Lol! Everyone’ first comments would be on her hair! She was born with very thick curly hair. Now the curls have gone after few rounds of trimming. She look matured (no baby face when she was a baby) so most of the time, everyone guessing that she is 2 years plus, which she is not. I don’t know, she doesn’t have that children look? Because of her black hair since she was a baby? Or because she is tall that she look 1 year older? And little J is becoming to be a dreadful cry-baby, cried unnecessarily when she couldn’t get what she wants or angry at something. Sigh!

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