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Friday, April 4, 2008

In love with another man

Before you come to an early conclusion, let me make myself clear first. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not having an affair outside my marriage. I am still in love and very much loyal to Big J!

Is it possible to love another man other than the man you are married to? Why not? You can love many people in your life, don’t you. You can love God, your parents, sisters, brothers, colleagues and friends. God teaches us to love rather than hate a people. What I am trying to say is that there are many kind of love in this world that you cannot possibly in love with one person. The kind of love in this case is not the kind of love you have for your partner, but rather, a platonic love.

Platonic love is defined as “a love or a friendship between two people, close and deep but not sexual”

It is common for you to have a feeling toward another man, but that kind of feeling is platonic, truly platonic with no sexual desire along the line. A girl or guy may have many male friends or female friends, yet they are happily married to their partners.

How to have a platonic relationships with some one? Firstly you must share a common interest. You can have some common interests with your male colleague, yet with no string attached or love developed from there. I have few male friends (Big J knew them well too) that I have grown fond and love. Love them as friends! We share many things since colleagues, have fun together, laugh at same things, joke and gossip around and they are always there when we need them. We have been through so many things. In the past, I have been linked to one of the guys, but our relationship never goes to a stage further. We are just too comfortable with each other that we can’t imagine ourselves as lovers. We have become close, just like brother and sister. Closer than my own blood brother and sister.


mama bok said...

Unfortunate for me.. i can never have a platonic friendship .. like you have with your friend. Everytime.. they think .. they can have something else.. *slap forehead* .. some even married ones.. lagi pengshan..! so no thanks..!! better keep a distance.. ;)

mumsgather said...

The danger with platonic relationships is when one party wants to take it further. I too, can't have platonic relationships. Somehow or other one party usually ends up wanting something more.