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Thursday, April 10, 2008

How do we feel?

Either he is inconsiderate or I am over-possessive!

Big J has started to get back to his old self after many months of giving up! Now he is back again to his old habit! Sigh!

This week, for instance, he has been going out for 3 nights drinking with friends in coffee shops (alright, I don’t mind him drinking at coffee shops instead of pub, as it is cheaper), but I am complaining of his drinking habit and time management. I was so pissed off last night when he came back late that I decided to give him a piece of my mind.

When I told him I want to go out with some friends for a drink, his immediate answer was “NO!”. Now, where does that lead us?? Where is the logic? Why he can go out late with friends, and I cant go out? It is not like I have been going out every night.

Either he starts to consider his late night out or I would be moving back to my parents’ house. I am tired of calling him not once, but twice to remind him on time! He promised to be back by 12 midnight, but few nights he was caught coming back late! Not only late, but come home drunk and in bad behavior. Feel like locking him out of the room. Maybe I were too soft at heart, as most of time, I gave in to him.

Or maybe I have been over-posessive of Big J in the past; always controlling his diet, drinking, time and other little details. He said he needs some time for himself, asked me to stop nagging him. (make me sound like his mother). So, I told myself I should stop worrying my head too much about him. Let him do what ever he wants. I guess like what other told me, let him loose for a while to catch some fresh air. Guess that would be good for both of us. And guess we need to sit down together and resolve all those issues before it gets worse.
Sigh! Sorry I know I have been talking nonsense, but I just feel like pouring it out here! :) Actually I feel much better now. Some burden taken away from my shoulders.

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