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Thursday, April 3, 2008

No PC night

Big J and myself have make an agreement on certain things, other being times for family. Big J is a computer games weirdo; he can sit in front of computer for the rest of the night without moving from it. Sometimes it makes me worry that he may die of playing too much games right in front of his computer! *touch wood*

It is silly to fight with him over a PC game every now and then so in the end, we have come to an agreement that in a week, he can play his PC game on alternative nights. So 3 nights would be PC night and other 3 nights been no PC night. Sunday is family day so that is another matter. At least with such arrangement, he would have some times for us. Not every day come back, switch on his computer and indulge in his favourite past time till wee hours and hardly spend times with us. Sigh!


mama bok said...

Hahahah!! common problem with man..! i always tell PB .. i'm gonna smash his puter real soon. Or his puter will be committing suicide really soon. Muahhhahaha!! But nope.. he better not do that.. else.. he wouldn't see tomorrow.. muahhahaha!!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
Wish I can do such an agreement with my hubby. :-)

Hahaha Mama Bok, I cannot help to laugh my head out reading your comment.

Rose said...

Mamabok, pc is like the 1st wife to man. As for us?? we just the mistress. ;p

Billy's mom, u can force ur hubby to set some time for his pc and some time for u and billy!!