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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can't Make Head or Tail Out of It!

Last night we were watching “The Devil Wears Prada” DVD (how I love Meryl Streep’s character, so cool and fearless dragon woman. I never bored of the movie and its fashion sense!), when suddenly I felt something not right in the bedroom. Yet I can’t make head or tail of it!

It felt like something is not right, it is not supposed to be in the room, but it was there.

Finally I decided to tell Big J about it and instantly it became clearer to me!

Don’t ask me what is this thing doing here, I instantly ask hubby to remove it from the room! He bought this samurai sword without my knowledge (why not, it costs a big hole in his pocket!) and placed this sword in the room! I am not a superstitious type, but having a sword in bedroom is definitely not a good sign!!

Big J bought it for precaution purpose. That was what he said! Now he was complaining on placing the sword out of the room. In case of any intrusion, he can use it to fend off the intruders! (sure or not??) I am more concerned about safety, as they may use it back on us! OMG!

Would you buy a samurai sword and place in your bedroom for emergency? Or just a simple baseball bat or golf club would do?

As for Big J’s sword, it is now tugging safely in our store rack.


Zooropa said...

I don't think samurai sword is a "pleasant" weapon unless one has been taught how to handle it & placing it in the room is some more "unpleasant" esp wth kid sleeping together!


PEARLY said...

hi dear rose :
Many thank for the the tag I will try to do it soon
not been very well lately but will do it soon
have alovely weekend ok

Billy's Mom said...

I would not keep samurai or any sharp weapons in the bedroom. Anything can happen esp with a little one in the room and the worst as you have said it could be use against you and your family.

A baseball bat is a good one. :-)

mybabybay said...

Hey I like that movie too, I watch it twice.

shoppingmum said...

Hi Rose, thanks for dropping by my blog. I would give the sword a pass. LOL! We have golf club though. :)