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Monday, April 14, 2008

5 times a day!

Big J and I were commenting on our daughter yesterday afternoon when he told me this funny incident while he picked Little J up last Friday evening. It is funny now that I think about our conversation. It went like this:

We were watching television when Little J snatched the television remote control from Big J’s lap. She only can press ‘999’ on the remote control. Lol!

Big J: Oh no! You and your cartoon streak again!!
Me: It is good that she’s learning to watch tv and know how to appreciate cartoons.
Little J: Cartoon. Mickey Mouse. (She is referring to the Mickey Mouse club house cartoon)
Big J: Oh yeah! Before I forget, I better tell you this! Remember the DVD you brought over to baby sitter’s house last Friday?? Aunty (baby sitter) commented that Little J watched it 5 times in a row!!! I think she is complaining as she also watched the DVD 5 times with her that day!
Me: Huh? (Then I start to laugh)
Big J: I think you better stop bringing any DVD to aunty’s house. (He gave me one look, but yet he was also laughing along)
Me: I never thought she would watch it 5 times a day. And I thought with her watching the DVD, aunty can actually do other house chores, right? Tell me, she watched it too??
Big J: I don’t know, I didn’t ask. By the way, the DVD is in my car, remind me to take it out later.

The DVD in question is “High School Musical”. Well, she can watch her “Alvin & The Chipmunks” for whole day till we bored of it and every time we have to fast forward it to the ending part, so why not “High School Musical”, Little J’s latest addiction? *wink* I rest my case!


Billy's Mom said...

Wah....5 times in a row...hihi! Billy watch his favorite DVD (Fav Children's Song & Fav Nursery Rhymes) twice in a row sometimes. I think it is fine as long as he learn something. :D

Rose said...

Hi Billy's mom, I hope she learn something from the DVD! Maybe dancing and singing step?? hahaha