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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Down to the Museum

Sarawak Museum

Just got back from the Sarawak Museum and City Aquarium centre. After a hearty breakfast with my parents at Kenyalang Park, we headed to the Sarawak Museum and City Aquarium (Aquarium Bandaraya). Since Big J having migraine this morning, he did not follow us.

Pose at a monument

We reached the museum around 930am. Still not many visitors. Our first visit is the City Aquarium. Little J was excited and intrigued by the fishes displayed there. Fishes from Oscar, Arowana, Cat Fish to many exotic fishes are available for tourist display there. Besides live fishes we get to see 2 crocodiles, and many tortoises there too.

Pose at the fountain garden

After about 20 minutes tour at the aquarium, our next destination is the museum. When was the last time I visit it? More than 10 years ago during my school day thesis! I remember using the St Thomas Secondary School through the Christian cemetery to get to the museum. A short cut actually! Now they block the cemetery entrance, disallow people to walk through it.

No photographs are allowed in the museum. Here again we can see many display of birds species, to crocodile skulls and whale skulls to other wild life species, to some historical values of Kuching and Sarawak. The visit to museum brought back some good memories when me and siblings were young and we always thrilled at the idea of going to museum. How we enjoyed our times and always nag our parents to bring us here. Those were the old days. Musuem and City Aquarium are still the same, just like the old days.

A type of fish

A crocodile in captive

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