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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheeky Girl

I have been waking up early for the past 2 days as Little J woke me up before 6am in the morning! Yes, before 6am! The sun not even wakes up yet! As I am a light sleeper and can’t easily doze off right away, I opt to stay in bed, let Little J jumping over me and fiddling around. Only until she started to slap or kick me, then I will have to get up from the bed as threesome in one bed is too cramped.

To keep Little J from disturbing her daddy, I let her play with her toys or play DVD for her. Her toys are kept outside the room. When ever I open the door, she will immediately go to her toys and choose which one she wants to play, namely brick games, white board or laptop.

This morning she chose the white board. Before I was off to the bathroom, I reminded her not to “colour” with her white broad market on the bed. However when I were back to the room, Little J was on the bed and she was playing with her marker. When she noticed that I was in the room, she quickly cover my pillow with her white board and exclaimed “oh oh”. When she said that, I knew something is not right or she is up to something bad!

True enough, there some black marker marks on my pillow case when I removed her white board from my pillow! I was not angry with her since it was small matter. I immediately washed the marks so they were easily taken off. As for Little J, I kept her white board and marker and told her no more doodle and also toy for time being since she disobeyed my order.

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