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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What love can do for you?

When you fall in love with someone, do you change for him or her?? I have a story to share with you and let you decide for yourself:

HT has been working in a company as technician for many years. His no-care attitude has been a talk of the company, and everyone who knew him commented that he was lazy and never bother about after-sales services.

Came in SY into his life, he was so besotted with her that he proposed to her within 2 months courtship. SY was a humble and pleasant girl. She agreed to his proposal and they got themselves engaged. HT also becomes a changed man, from no-care attitude to care attitude. His work performance improved, customers were happy with his fast services, and boss promoted him to supervisory level.

So, true love can really change a person into a better person, don’t you think so? Now why Big J can’t quit smoking because of me? He doesn’t love me enough? Lol


Billy's Mom said...

What a wonderful story! Congrats to them. Yes, I truly believe true love can change a person. Be it positive or negative changes definitely depends on the dominant person. My dear hubby quit smoking before I agree to his proposal, quit smoking or no wedding. Haha...meany me.

mama bok said...

I feel that if you married him.. and he was already smoking.. i think.. it is .. only right to accept him.. as he is.. eh..??

Rose said...

Billy's mom, lucky you!

Yeah Mamabok, I accept who and what ever he is!

Anonymous said...

it's not what one can change for you; it's what you can change for someone.

coolingstar9 said...

True love can change a person but Big J never quit smoking not means he never love you.
I hope one day he can change.
Have a nice day, Rose.
From : coolingstar9

Billy's Mom said...
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Billy's Mom said...

Hmmm...yeah, I guess we should accept him as what he is. :D But in dear hubby case, he actually had tried to quit smoking a few times before without success. So I actually have done him a favor. Hey, it only fair as I quit my job and leave everything back home just to be with him.
Have a great weekend!